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WELL AP® Exam Preparation Guide

WELL AP® Exam Preparation Guide


Please note: an e-book version of this guide is available for purchase here.

WELL AP® Exam Preparation Guide is a comprehensive study reference used to prepare for the WELL AP exam (after August 12, 2018). Mastery of the WELL Building Standard, a performance-based rating system that connects building design and human health, is emphasized. The seven WELL Concepts, all of the WELL features and their requirements, and the WELL certification process are covered.

The guide and its online learner resources include the following assessment tools:

  • Chapter reviews of completion and short answer questions
  • WELL AP® exam practice questions at the end of each exam-content chapter
  • Four 100-question practice exams for self-paced practice or exam-day experience
  • Interactive Quick Quizzes® that reinforce key concepts and a By the Numbers quiz that reviews health and wellness statistics


  • The Well AP® Exam
  • The WELL Building Standard
  • The WELL Certification Process
  • Air – Preconditions
  • Air – Optimizations
  • Water
  • Nourishment
  • Light
  • Fitness
  • Comfort
  • Mind and Innovation

Learner Resources:

  • Quick Quizzes®
  • Illustrated Glossary
  • Flash Cards
  • Practice Exams
  • By the Numbers Quiz
  • Media Library