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WELL AP® Exam Preparation Guide

WELL AP® Exam Preparation Guide


Please note: an e-book version of this guide is available for purchase here.

This exam preparation guide provides a detailed and efficient approach to studying through the use of concise text and detailed illustrations and photos. The guide emphasizes the mastery of the WELL Building Standard, the seven WELL Concepts, all 105 features and their requirements, and the WELL certification process.

Included with this guide are four 100-question practice exams, one provided in the guide and three provided digitally. The guide also helps candidates prepare by providing review questions and five practice exam questions at the end of each exam-content chapter for a total of an additional 50 exam practice questions. A set of online learner resources provides other opportunities for exam preparation.

Online Learner Resources included with the guide:

  • Quick Quizzes® that provide ten interactive questions for each chapter, with embedded links to highlighted content within the guide and to the Illustrated Glossary
  • An Illustrated Glossary that serves as a helpful reference to commonly used terms, with selected terms linked to illustrations in the guide
  • Flash Cards of the key terms and definitions that provide a self-study/review tool for exam preparation
  • Two 100-question Practice Exams that provide opportunities for knowledge-retention assessment and exam-taking preparation
  • A By the Numbers Quiz that provides 46 interactive questions for additional facts and statistics from the guide
  • A Media Library that consists of videos and animations that reinforce and supplement content in the guide

Who it’s for:

  • Candidates preparing for the WELL AP exam
  • Professionals and students in architecture, construction management, stationary engineering, HVAC and plumbing, building maintenance, engineering, real estate management, building commissioning, product development and manufacturing, healthcare, and education